Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Wow! Long Time!

Once again it has been so long since I have blogged. Family and work are keeping me pretty busy. As we approach Thanksgiving I am already thinking about New Year resolutions. Yikes! We are coming upon my favorite time of the year. Even though I celebrate Hanukkah, we celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas in our home. I am almost done shopping. Anyone braving the stores on Friday? I am debating!

Last week I had a meeting with someone to help me plan. I literally spend hours doing my reading lesson plans, always trying to supplement because Trophies just doesn't have enough! She helped me simplify planning so that I wouldn't spend hours doing it. Somehow though it is still taking me a couple of hours. I wish I could be one of those teachers that come in at 8:05 and leave at 3:16 without bringing anything home. That is just not me!

On another note, Tori over at Tori's Teacher Tips is holding a 500 followers giveaway! There are lots of goodies so be sure to stop on by and enter!!

Happy Tuesday!