Thursday, August 29, 2013

My Classroom

School started four days ago and my classroom is still not 100% ready. I didn't get the time I needed when we returned last week. I am grade level chair this year and that has been taking a lot of time. I'm also not able to leave as early anymore so by the time I get to work and get going, I have very little time left. I am just thankful that the twitching in my right eye stopped.  Stress can do that to you. I do have pictures of my classroom as it is right now.

Below is my front door. This year I have a "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" theme. It is all about sweets.

My writing bulletin board. They told us at the last minute that it was all about anchor charts and that is what they want up in our rooms. I wasn't about to give this board up though. I made writing process posters which are towards the stop. Then I got really cute punctuation posters - can't remember but I did get them of TPT.

My husband built the writing station you see below. We painted it green to match my new pencil sharpener. This is going to be my writing and word study area during Daily 5. The crates are for the Word Study activities.

My class jobs - there are popsicle sticks which each student's name on them in the pockets now. I just have to assign a salary to each job.

The start of my Daily 5 and Cafe board. I will be adding anchor charts and strategies as we go. I want to create the anchor charts with my students.

 This is going to be my vocabulary wall. When we learn about synonyms, antonyms, nouns, verbs, and adjectives, the anchor charts will go up here. I just need to buy letters.

 On my students' desks when they came in Monday morning.

I am hoping this keeps me organized. I have a folder for each day of the week. This is where I am going to place copies.

My desk and filing cabinet. The filing cabinet sits to the left of my desk. I saw this idea on Pinterest. My husband made me this organizer. I placed all the books that I use frequently in there so I don't have to go digging for them when I need them. You can also see my teacher's toolbox which I made last summer. If you keep looking, you will see a lot of things I got from TPT and Pinterest.

I read up on Whole Brain Teaching this summer. I created my own posters for the rules. The rest I got from TPT.

This is going to be my math centers area. The stool to the left was made by my husband. It is for students to step up to reach the Smartboard. It matches my dots on turquoise theme.

I am hoping to finish up my classroom this weekend. It is functional right now but not complete. Have a great Thursday!!


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I love your classroom tour! The colors are great!


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