Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Goal Setting

This year our school as a whole is focusing on goal setting. We were asked to create walls outside our room with students goals. As they achieve a goal, we add a new goal to the wall. For third grade, we decided on a gumball machine. Students will write their names on gumballs to add to the machine. I was also thinking stars and a "Shooting for the Stars" theme. Nothing is official yet.

During our first week of school, I hit hard on goal setting. I explained to students what a goal is and created an anchor chart listing how we choose goals. We looked at short term and long term goals. I read Louise the Big Cheese and the Back-to-School Smarty-Pants to my students. We talked about how Louise's goal was to get straight A's and how important it is to not give up on your goal. We also talked about the difference between academic and personal goals. I shared some goals of my own with my students.

After discussing goal setting and reading the book, each student created a circle map and wrote their goals in the circle map. I had students narrow them down to the three most important goals. They took these three goals and wrote them down on a special paper titled "My Goals for This School Year." I copied it on color paper to make it stand out. These goals will be placed on the wall outside our room and will be revisited as the school year goes on. You can find the paper here: My Goals For This School Year. I am not sure how to add the PDF in picture format for you to see. I still have a lot to learn.

I am hoping to get my board up and going so my students can add their goals. Have a great week!!


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