Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy 2015!!

As everyone normally does at the start of a new year, I have made some resolutions. My main resolution is to stick to the other resolutions! ;) Seriously though - how many people stick to their resolutions during the entire year? I hope to be one of those people that do. 
Financial ~ I want to pay down my credit cards and not charge any more up. That second part is tricky!
Health ~ I am going to lose 15 pounds and finally get to my goal weight. I want to achieve lifetime at WW. The second part of this is to drink more water EVERY day.
Personal ~ I am going to learn how to handle my stress in a better way. I have gotten better at this but still not where I want to be.
Reading ~ I am joining the 2015 Monthly Motif Challenge. Each month is assigned a certain motif or theme. I am going to read one book per month that fits each motif. I am really excited about this and even recruited friends and family to join me. Check it out. :)
Blogging ~ I plan on blogging at least twice a week. I am hoping this will help motivate me to accomplish these resolutions. 

Happy 2015!!


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