Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Nice Break

This week has been absolutely crazy busy! It started off with a Monday morning meeting to reflect on what happened last Friday. A staff member convinced our principal to have our meeting. She was thinking that they were already doing everything possible to keep our school safe. The upset teacher thought that we needed to talk about this and I completely agreed with her. Coming to school on Monday was hard. I am sure it was hard for all of us.

On Thursday we had an exciting day. It started off with a visit from Santa. Every child in the school got presents. It was awesome to see the look on my students' faces. Teary eyed I snapped pictures left and right of my students enjoying Santa and the goodies that he brought. The same people that have been fixing up our school recommended us to get this Santa visit. They also provided us with a most awesome (have to use this word again) tumbling assembly. Lots of 6th and 7th graders put together an hour long assembly full of Halloween music and great tumbling and dance moves. All of the students enjoyed it. Between Santa's visit and the assembly we had a field trip to the library. This was followed up by Friday's Honor Roll assembly. In the afternoon we had hot chocolate, cookies, and watched The Polar Express.

Now I am home ready to enjoy my two week winter break. We do not go back to school until January 7th. We celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas in my house. Family will be coming over so we have been cleaning all day. I have a few goals that I hope to achieve during my two weeks off. Reading is on the top of the list. I have three books in mind, including the new J.K Rowling novel that my husband bought me for Hanukkah. Getting my house clean and spending time with my family of course are included. I am also hoping to get a bit ahead in the lesson planning department. It would be so nice to not be so behind in the new year.

I think another goal will be start blogging more. Well I am off to have some dinner and then watch The Santa Clause 2. We started watching it in school and I was hooked.

Merry Christmas!!


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