Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday Made It & Other Goodies

I am linking up with Tara today for Monday Made It.
This week I have been hard at work getting things ready for my classroom. My husband has too - he made these for me. One for each table. They will hold the supplies. This matches my turquoise on blue polka dot theme.

You can see that everyone was helping out.

I just finished working on my classroom job cards. I listed the name of the job, a description, and how many Isham bucks the job pays. Then I cut the jobs apart and taped each one on a library pocket. I got the library pockets from Creating Teaching Press. This also goes with my turquoise on blue theme.

Next, I started with cans like this. My daughter loves eating crunchies.

I painted over the label in the colors that match my dots on turquoise theme and made these cans below.

After the paint dried, I made these labels and used crazy glue to glue the labels on the cans.

I got these classroom printables from Teri at A Cupcake for the Teacher. You can get them at her TpT store.

These ideas came from Pinterest. This will be used in the Work On Writing center of my Daily Five. I Wonder prompts, prompts for the Journal Jar, and colorful pens for students to write with.

I bought Brain Breaks from Stephanie over at 3rd Grade Thoughts. You can purchase them at her TpT store. The can came from the dollar section at Target.

I purchased The Teacher Keeper from Mrs. Pollard at Tales of a Teacherista. You can purchase it at her TpT store. I bought the blue binder since it matched my turquoise on blue theme. Just follow directions to make the rest.

Here is the laminator I bought at Target. Best investment I ever made!!

As you can see I have been busy. On a different note, we took apart my daughter's crib and put a toddler bed in her room. She has not slept in her crib at night for over a week. She screams bloody murder when we try to put her in the crib and she ends up sleeping with us. Well when we tried to get her to sleep, she just wanted nothing to do with it. Finally at midnight we just brought her in here. I don't know why she refuses to sleep in her room but it is very frustrating! This is her below. We thought that putting in a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse video would help but it didn't.

Have a great Monday!


Brandi said...

Hope the sleeping gets better. I moved my daughter from her toddler crib to a twin bed and aside from not napping in there, she's doing great. I LOVE all of your projects! Brain breaks are on my to do list...that seems to keep growing instead of getting shorter!

Success in Second Grade
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Miss Nelson said...

I love all of your creations. I also love the help from the fam. Your little girl is precious.

Learning with Mrs. Brinn said...

I love it when family helps out together. Looks fun painting!

Kelly Teaching Fourth said...

I really like the blue and turquoise color combo. You have been very busy.

Teaching Fourth

Mrs. Payton said...

Really cute - love how everything matches your theme!

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