Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th!!

Happy 4th!! I tried to find an appropriate blinkie from my collection (which is pretty huge), but oddly enough I could not find one. I am a blinkie addict among other things. As I left the house this morning I found myself reminded of several book characters. The sun was hiding behind clouds and it made me think that I like days like this when the sun is not shining. Then I thought wow - vampire! I realized I read far too many vampire books.

After hitting the gym, I went to Walmart to get red food coloring for my husband for his cupcakes. Of course I walked out of the store a half hour later with lots of other things. It's a bad habit of mine. I picked this up to store Rebekah's books. This of course started me thinking about how these bins would be good storage in my classroom.

I miserably failed at Day 3 of no soda! This is going to be a difficult day for me with the goodies that are in this house. I can keep away from the burgers and hot dogs but not sure about this ...

I finally finished my first Pinterest project. It's rare that I can make things since I I am not a crafty person at all. I saw something else that I will be able to make myself. Stay tuned! Anyhow, my finished project is below.

It's fair to say that Pinterest is my new obsession! Now if I could just get the hang of this blogging thing, that would be great. Speaking of blogs, I am featured on a friend's blog today.

My super clingy child is letting me know that it is time to get off here. Hope you all have a happy and safe fourth!!


Olivia said...

Those cupcakes look delish! I love your blog. I just nominated you for an award. Come claim it at my blog.

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