Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My First!

After seeing all the Boggle Boards around on Pinterest I decided to give it a go and make my own. Deciding to be ambitious, I put it on Teachers Pay Teachers. I put a few free things on there but this is the first thing I added that has a charge. I'm not sure how this will go over but you don't know until you try so I tried. So here it is: Boggle BoardNow that I have discovered how to make things and change them to PDF's, my next goal is to make some more things for my classroom.

My wonderful husband finished the class projects I requested - he made me a small table for my listening center, a small book rack for my author and genre studies, and 3 passes. It all goes with the dots on turquoise theme I chose. Can't wait to see how this will all look in my room.

This is Day 2 of "Bye Bye Baby Weight!" I started a pump program yesterday and my muscles are so sore today. I have been eating well and this is day 2 of no soda. Actually not having soda has been the only easy part of this so far. I've also added Shakeology, which is pretty good. If I get hungry, which has been happening a lot, I just come to the computer and work on school stuff. It's working so far. Then again, it is only day 2.

Rebekah says - Have a great evening!!


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