Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Rainy Tuesday

I love when it rains ... especially since we hardly ever get rain here in fabulous Las Vegas. I was so ambitious that I even made a trip to the gym. Go me! I can't believe that tomorrow is August 1st. That is when the school panic sets in and I realize that very soon I will be in my classroom preparing for my new third graders. How exciting and overwhelming at the same time.

I found quite a few linkys that I would like to participate in today. I'm starting with Amanda over at Teaching Maddeness for a New School Year Resolutions linky party. This is so perfect because at the beginning of every school year I always say I am going to do things that I never end up doing. Now it will be here on my blog. Here are my new school year resolutions.

1. Just Say No! - When people ask me to do things or help plan things I always say yes. Then I end up stressed out because I have no time to do what I need to do both at work and at home. I vow to not overload my plate with things I can't handle.
2. Maintain a nice, neat desk - My desk always starts out nice and neat but by the end of the day, forget about it. I end up with piles of papers, materials I use to teach that day that I don't put away, etc. Not this year!
3. Do not bring home work with me over the weekend - this is something that happens without fail. I get so behind that I can't keep up and am forced to do work over the weekend. This leads me to my final resolution.
4. Do not get behind - I am not sure how I will manage this yet but I will figure it out.

Next I am linking up with Jodi from Fun in First for a What's Your Favorite Back to School Activity linky party. The beginning of the year is a fun time to get to know students as well as teach rules, routines, and procedures. That very first day of school can be chaotic. Students are coming in and they have supplies they want to give you. They are trying to get settled and you are running around like a mouse. What I did last year was I put a small can of play dough on each student's desk. They were instructed to come in, find their seat, place all supplies under their desk and create something with the play dough.This keeps them occupied while I am trying to get them all settled in. This is also a good time to start collecting supplies. Usually they have them at a decent price at Walmart.
Another thing I do is send home a letter a week or two before school starts to each of my future students. In the letter I ask them to bring in something special that means a lot to them and to bring in a favorite book. Throughout the first week we share our books and treasures.

Thank you to Pam over at Pocketful of Center for giving me the One Lovely Blog Award!

1. Follow the person who gave me the award
2. Link back to the person that gave me the award
3. Pass to 15 new bloggers and let them know they received the award

I am passing the award to the following blogs. Ok so I only did 4.


Mission Control said...

Thank you for the award. You are so kind. I'm also pleased that you became my newest follower. The majority of my 15 year career has been with first and second. This will be my fourth year in third and I am loving it!

Jodi said...

I love the idea of giving the students play doh. I'm going to have some for students on the first day as well :)
Thanks for linking up.

Fun In First

Lisa R. said...

I am with you on #2!! It always seems by the middle of the year that my desk is a disaster zone. I am hoping to be a bit more organized this year so it doesn't happen. :)
Learning Is Something to Treasure

Amanda Madden said...

Thanks for linking up to the party, Elissa! I am SOOOO determined to stick my ground with #1 this year. It's just soooo hard to say "no" to others!

Teaching Maddeness
PS...I'm your newest follower!

Colleen said...

Thanks a bunch for the award!!! That was super sweet and your blog is adorable! I'm definitely your newest follower.
Totally Terrific in Texas

Lisa said...

What a great idea for the first day of school, and such a calming it!

Ms. Shope's Class said...

How hard is it to do #1?!?!?! Oh my, I need to work on this one too! I just found your blog on the New {School} Year Resolution Linky Party, and look forward to follow you! I am your newest follower!


amy said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a footprint. I am honored that you awarded me the lovely blog award!
Your blog looks adorable. I like the idea about using play dough on the first day. I will use this idea in my room this year.
Where Seconds Count

Chrissy said...

Thanks so much for the award! I blogged about it today if you want to check it out. Love the name of your blog!
First Grade Found Me

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